Trauma? Got it!

Throughout my journey in sobriety and recovery, one of the greatest gifts to me was to finally feel worthy and deserving of the care I needed for my mental health. I am not sure if it was the people I surrounded myself with, how I was raised, how I took in what I have learned […]

WW: A Personal Hell

Nope, I haven’t disappeared! Life happened and writing wasn’t a priority. But today, I was inspired. I follow a page on Instagram called The Body Love Society – they also have a podcast called How To Love Your Body (which I haven’t checked out yet, but I plan to) – and they were sharing stories […]

Just a Little Update.

I have not had an easy time writing lately. I believe I have changed the topic of this particular blog entry about 4 times. I had that nagging “you need to write” feeling coupled with “I don’t know that I have anything to write about” feeling. I think that like many people who write, I […]


I am still trying to recover from the anxiety attack followed by sobbing that I just experienced. My face is tight, my nose is plugged and I can barely catch my breath and now, a pounding headache. If you are someone who has experienced this high level of anxiety and mental illness, then you understand […]


The dictionary definition of complacency is the feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. Honestly, I didn’t even give this word a second thought until I kept hearing it being brought up in recovery and AA meetings. Now, I feel like it is a constant frame of mind I could potentially […]

Round. Like a Potato.

The moment that I decided to truly never diet again was when I was reading Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe. I ripped the page of paper out of the book that talks about swearing off dieting and I wrote the date and signed my name and it’s hanging up in my bathroom. It […]

Coping with Happiness. (Yes, you read that correctly).

Something I have experienced in the last year is feeling happy. Like, not a happy moment here or there. But actual internal happiness. Or, as I think a better word for it is: content. Strangely, being happy makes me extremely anxious as well. That feeling of anxiety has calmed down over the last 6 months […]